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This is a re-release of our single and EP, as well as a couple demos of songs we were never able to put out before breaking up. Ryan and I talked and knew we wouldn't want to use some of these songs in other projects but wanted to at least put them out there for our own sakes.

All songs worked on by us: Ryan Couitt, Ramsay Young, Christian Boucher, and Thomas Cardoza Jr.

All songs were originally written by Ryan and then we'd come together to bring them up as full tracks. I'm going to include a small story about each song on here for anyone who has some time to kill, you can download the record and find a PDF in there, or click on the lyrics link and see them there.


released April 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Sentry Massachusetts

4-piece emotive hardcore band.

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Track Name: Carry On (Re-mixed and mastered)
We're re-releasing this track because Jim, who we previously worked with at Endless Bummer Records, offered to remix it to come closer to the sound of "This Too Shall Pass". I loved the mix he did on it and made it sound a lot more raw, and thanks to the awesome recordings and organization from TRIAD we were able to get this song a bit closer to how we originally envisioned it.


Time is constant, a gravitational force, wreaking havoc on all the things I've loved. It's not pressured by its friends like I am. It's not living with an agenda it planned. It's stress is not apparent, there's no love to drop or carry it.

Time lives full. Time lives strong. These times I live in don't care what goes wrong. I am lost, so lost in time. And where have these times taken us? All the friends I loved threw out memories for their sacred cause, embracing petty things- things I won't stand for- things I can't control.

I'm holding memories no one else wants. I cherish them like a child, and I've grown to embrace them. They're mine. I must stand tall (I must stand strong). I must stand tall (I must stand strong). What will continue to make me bleed? I must stand tall (I must stand strong). I must stand tall (I must stand strong). Time will continue to make me bleed.

And I will face my fear, change is wrong, bring me back.
Track Name: Harbinger (This Too Shall Pass)
Originally wrote some of this song for a project that was going to be called Highlander but then Ryan went to Ireland and we scrapped it, only to bring it back later for Sentry.


If my life was worth living, would I ever have to question it?
I’m held back by pretense- my mind’s a graveyard of regret.
As I lay my head down to rest I feel a soreness in my ear from all the excuses I’d take.
Diagnosis, no relief, every answer I had was a mistake.

Don’t toss aside my silence- I want you to say I will fall.
I will fall. I will fall.
I’m not exposing myself to you, saying that I have weakness; that I don’t know the truth.

If my life was worth living, would I ever have to question it?
If I’m held back by pretense, my mind’s a graveyard of regret.
I am the Voice of Shattered Hymns.
I am the Harbinger of Sins.
Everything you thought you knew was a fallacy.
It never was the truth.
Track Name: Comfort (This Too Shall Pass)
This song was written and fully rehearsed the night before we went into Soundbox Recording with Clinton Lisboa (guitarist for Half Hearted Hero). We had zero idea what we were doing with it even when we were recording...


What do I do when I feel nothing- when I’m stuck in bed with no desire to live?
I’ve got ambition, but I’ve got no guts.
I was crushed when I was told I’d amount to nothing.

And with my final wish, I will hopefully predict an end not to soon, a place to live.
A place to die that feels comfortable. A place to die that feels comfortable to me.

I will bring myself back to life. I am worth so much more than this. I keep conspiring dreams, but I can’t commit.
Track Name: Admonition (This Too Shall Pass)
This intro is by far still one of my favorite things to play. There's actually this weird video on the band's facebook of a schizophrenic dude named Danny from our bandspace who was shirtless and moshing into the floor during our set. He then managed to throw a glass bottle at a plywood wall in the band space we had and the bottle didn't shatter, it implanted itself neck deep into the wall... so weird. Ask Anyone Anyway about it... Next year or tomorrow...


Imagine everything you did was wrong. You were too blind to see at all. This is how I was, but that part of me is gone. I am aware of all I am, an outcast, a traitor, a savior for the damned. I hope someone learns something. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I’m sorry. I beg for forgiveness. I ask for light! Please. Don’t let it end like this.

I will keep breathing but I choke on every breath. I wrote this soliloquy, so someone else wouldn’t repeat my death. I want them to learn, that greed is the enemy, a lie is not your friend- that the people who are closest, should remain the closest until the end. I’m damned. I’m damned. I’m damned.

I am sorry mom. I am sorry dad. You tried to teach me and I never learned. You warned me, but I never listened to you. I’m sorry. I’m damned. I’m damned. You won’t see me where I’m going. I will never reconsider; I’m a fucking excuse. Everything I’ve done, there is no excuse. I live in weakness, I tremble, but I’m okay. With this admonition, one day, I will set myself free.
Track Name: Perish (This Too Shall Pass)
This song started when Ryan sent me an iPhone recording of him playing two notes over and over again on his new Cathedral pedal. As soon as I heard it the song in its form here was completely envisioned. If you listen closely in the beginning (after the Frankenstein sound clip) you can hear some sick whale noises we made with my guitar. Thanks Clinton!


TC: Not things learned so much as things remembered.
VF: Trace memories in the brain, perhaps.
TC: Did you ever consider the consequences of your actions? You gave me life, and then you left me to die. Who am I?
VF: You…? I don’t know.
TC: And you think that I am evil.
VF: What can I do?
– Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (1994)

I have felt struggle, but who hasn’t felt it. I’ve been so selfish. I’ve let this be about myself. Like a scourge, I feel the chill now creeping from my toes into my knees. I am physically weak, emotionally drained. All I hear is the trees and mountains are all I will see. Everyone’s gone. Everyone’s left me. It is here I will perish- on this lake of frozen memories.

If a tree fell in the wilderness and there was no one there to see or hear it, did it make a noise? Did it even fall at all? I will never fall. I will never fall.
Track Name: Endurance (Demo)
This was originally what we were going to have as song 2 on the EP. We collectively decided we hated the song/didn't have the sound we were going for and scrapped it the night before recording.
Track Name: Flutter (Demo)
This song was the very last song we wrote as a group. This is the only recording I have of it sadly, but I know it slightly changed. There may be a video up somewhere of us playing it at All About Records which if I remember correctly was one of our last shows. Bittersweet hearing this one. We were gonna try some actual singing/spoken word to depart from screaming at this point and it was getting close to awesome ;'(
Track Name: Untitled 01 (Demo)
This was a day Ryan and I spent trying to get SOMETHING new out of the two of us because after writing the songs for the EP we felt creatively blocked. I remember the practice space being so ridiculously hot that my fingers were sweating and sliding around the guitar while we were writing this.
Track Name: November (Demo)
This song was always infamous between Ryan and I. Even after Sentry had dissolved, we always talked about making this song happen but it just never did. I felt it would be a disservice to be dropping all these old Sentry songs and not include this one.
Track Name: Solace (Demo)
This song is just me at this point. I was pretty broken down that Sentry ended and feeling a little empty that I finished high school and didn't have a plan going down the road. This is the emotional mess that came out of it that I thought would help get Sentry back together again...
Track Name: Untitled 02 (Acoustic Demo)
Ryan and I wanted to put out an original acoustic song and a cover of Admonition acoustic at some point and this was gonna be it, but like a lot of these other songs, it just didn't happen.
Track Name: Untitled 03 (Demo)
Ryan and I originally got together as a two piece inspired by the band '68. He played drums and I played guitar, we then printed shirts and tried to make it happen until suddenly Tom and Chris both got in touch with me at the same time.
Track Name: Untitled 04 (Demo)
This is another track that was interesting because it was me trying to sing and yell, and honestly Ryan isn't half bad on drums. I hope you enjoyed all of these extra songs whoever you are!